About JusDrive

We started JusDrive in 2015, and since day one we have been bringing the best selection of rental products and merchandise to our customers. Our name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire London area. We do our best to ensure a variety of great rental items that fit every budget.

JusDrive is a growing automobile provider offering a vehicle rental service across London, to ALL customers who fall under the rental criteria. We do not only just offer a vehicle rental service but also chauffeur driven service too. Our customer base is open to everyone, on a private and business, offering our products and/or services individually which is tailored to meet our customers needs whether it be hiring or chauffeuring. At JusDrive we believe in innovation and providing a top flight service and quality as a standard. Do not just take our word for it how about you come down and experience this for yourself and if it's too much hassle for you, we'll come to you. Without our customer's this would not be a challenge. At the end of the day how a customer feels is down to us, keeping our customers happy is what comes FIRST. All our staff members are highly trained, motivated and interested in knowing what a customer need's and requires as we function on a strictly customer-centred approach.

JusDrive in London

JusDrive launched officially on the 19th of March 2015 but had been a project worked on and put together since early November in 2012. In between the years it was all about raising capital, awareness and making sure that our customers were going to LOVE the products and service we were going to offer them, not only that but also that prices were going to be affordable. We also chose a name that would be easily remembered and easy to pronounce 'JusDrive' is pronounced the same as 'just drive' without the 't'.

JusDrive Fleet

Our fleet is always kept up to date and we'll make sure, you as the customer is in the latest up to date vehicle. JusDrive is here to provide people with comfortable & luxurious vehicles on a daily or weekly basis, even a monthly basis whereby your agreement is renewed every 28 days, whatever suits your needs, as long as you meet the requirements, believe in us! Yes, our fleet is small but it's a growing one. Here at JusDrive we plan to keep breaking past any barriers and restrictions put up against us, and you too can help by sharing the word and letting people know that 'Our Key's Open Doors' which is the motto we enforce over here.


By 2025 JusDrive aim to grow and expand with a network of over 10 car hire branches across the entire country - whether it be small, premium or business vehicle hire, we will have that personalised rental package and outstanding customer service ready and waiting to welcome you.

Watch us as we embark on our journey..